Every town needs a delicious local ice cream parlor or else, why would anyone live there? It seems that there’s a debate among Missoulians between which is better between the two best local ice cream shops in Missoula: Sweet Peaks Ice Cream or Big Dipper Ice Cream. According to a survey we conducted on Facebook, Sweet Peaks is the winner!! Although, it did come very close! So, here are the details on both.

Sweet Peaks

Sweet Peaks is located downtown at 223 West Front Street. It’s in the perfect location to grab a treat and walk around downtown. The staff is super friendly and the shop is adorable. They offer classic flavors and specialty flavors. They are very unique and delicious.

Classic Flavors


We use Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Powder from LAFAZA Vanilla Company. (One of the original members of this company who currently works in Madagascar is from Columbia Falls, Montana.) (Gluten Free)



Our chocolate ice cream takes a lot of love to make -hence the name. We use Guittard cocoa powder in this ice cream. This flavor also contains mini chocolate chips. (Gluten Free)



REAL HUCKLEBERRIES used in this stuff! The Huckleberries are picked locally in the cabinet mountains near Libby, Montana and sometimes in Idaho depending on the season conditions. We blend the huckleberries into the cream. This is the real thing! (Gluten Free)




We collaborate with 3 local roasters depending on store location. 

Doma in Post Falls, Idaho supplies the beans for our Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and Missoula locations. Montana Coffee Traders in Whitefish, MT supplies the beans for Whitefish, Kalispell, and Bigfork while Treeline Coffee Co in Bozeman, MT is our supplier for Bozeman. We extract their coffee and add some of the fine ground beans to the creamy base.  (Gluten Free) 



A classic take on mint chip. This naturally dyed green ice cream is flavored with mint extract from the Passmore farm in Creston, MT. Semi and dark chocolate chips of various sizes give that satisfying crunch. 



A kid and kid at heart favorite. This yellow cake batter ice cream is sweet and colorful thanks to the colored rainbow sprinkles swirled throughout. (Gluten Free)



Honey from an apiary outside of Missoula, Montana is mixed with our cream base. This incredible honey imparts a warm and slightly sweet flavor that is enhanced by cinnamon. This is truly amazing with a slice of homemade pie! (Gluten Free)



A very popular flavor due to the delicious play of sweet and sea salt. All made lovingly in-house. (Gluten Free)



We offer dairy-free sorbet options as well as egg free sherbet. These flavors rotate with the season. Email or call for current flavors or check the 


Specialty Flavors




Dark chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl.The darkest chocolate and peanut butter ice cream we make with a generous amount of chocolate chips and house-made peanut brittle.




A medley of late-season fruit in a cobbler. Taste an assortment of delicious plums, strawberries, blackberries and cherries from the northwest. Topped with cinnamon and sugar spun biscuits.




We collaborated with Missoula Montana’s Western Cider Co. to bring you this fall flavor. Sweet cream is swirled generously with a house made whiskey peach cider and Moss Farm’s Peach Jam.




Our variation of the popular California date shake. We infused our coconut ice cream with dates and then sprinkled in deliciously toasted coconut flakes and date pieces.




House-made apple jam swirled through our signature sweet cream and paired with chunks of cinnamon pie crust.





This non-dairy seasonal favorite is more flavorful than ever! Juicy melons from Dixon, Montana blended and served up with jalapeños from Wicked Good Farms (Whitefish) for the perfect kick!


Big Dipper


There are some die-hard Big Dipper fans in Missoula and they will fight any Sweet Peaks fan saying Big Dipper is always the way to go. Big Dipper Ice Cream is a Truck located at 631 S. Higgins. They have standard scoops, shakes, floats and other fun items. The flavors include:


Vanilla, Chocolate, Huckleberry, Coconut, White Mint Oreo, Mocha Chip, Strawberry, Caramom, El Savador Coffee, Bubblegum, Green Tea, Maple Walnut, Black Licorice, Mexican Chocolate, Vanilla-Reese’s, Salted Caramel and Espresso Heath.




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