The Diane Beck Team is featuring Myles Link this week! Myles currently works at Opportunity Mortgage, as one of the partner lenders. Myles has diligently worked in the mortgage industry for over a decade.

Prior to Myles work at Opportunity Bank, Myles worked at Sterling Bank as a Mortgage Banker, Mann Mortgage also as a Mortgage Banker and Wells Fargo Home mortgage as a Mortgage consultant.

Myles attended the University of Montana in Missoula and studied marketing management. Originally from Great Falls, Montana, Myles now works and lives in Missoula, Montana. Myles is married with one son and enjoys snowboarding, golfing, cooking, and coaching his son’s sports activities.

Every year, new finance programs are introduced to our industry and Myles is a great resource to have for education on all the programs and options for consumers. Myles just let us know that FHA loans will be reduced by a .5 percentage point which can save borrowers up to $900 annually