Mullan Road

If you cross Reserve Street on Mullan Road and head west, you’ll find a collection of neighborhoods and open spaces connected by a well-traveled thread of roadway that traces Montana history itself.
Pattee Canyon & Farviews

The Farviews and Pattee Canyon neighborhoods are located where Higgins Avenue transforms into 39th at Missoula’s south west corner you will find this neighborhood settled above the Missoula valley. The Farviews area is fittingly labeled for its awesome...
Pleasant View

Pleasant View Neighborhood is one of Missoula's most desirable locations. The neighborhood is warm and inviting thanks to the awesome Home Owners Association.
River Road

Central Missoula is a rapid growing part of town. Affordable homes and townhomes are being built to accommodate first time home-buyers and many homes are comprised of students that are renting to attend the University of Montana.
South Hills

The elevation gain on Missoula’s south side is a distinguishing geographic border separating the Missoula Valley from the Bitterroot Valley. Residents of the South Hills Neighborhood have the advantage of living upon the hillside with views of both Missoula...
Target Range

Just across the Missoula city border is a large, historically rural neighborhood where large farm and ranch properties meld with more densely constructed residential homes. Even in these more traditional neighborhoods there is a real sense of country living...
The Heart of Missoula

Downtown Missoula is a bustling center of commerce and activity revered by all Missoulians, but it is also a neighborhood, a home to many residents who relish being in the middle of it all. There are grand historic homes along the east-west streets of Pine,...
The Rattlesnake

Part of the fun of living in the Rattlesnake neighborhood is learning how to adapt to the natural surroundings. On Mount Jumbo’s west side is the Rattlesnake neighborhood – an intimidating name for one of Missoula’s most tranquil places to live. The...
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