Have you ever wondered which celebrities are from your state? Turns out there are many notable celebrities who either grew up in Montana or currently own properties there, even some in our very own town of Missoula! Here are 24 big names who live near you!

Bud Lucky

Famous for creating one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Woody from Toy Story, Bud lucky is a famous Pixar cartoonist but his roots remain in Billings, Montana where we was born and raised.

Carroll O’Connor

Actor Carroll O’Connor, who played Archie Bunker on the sitcom “All in the Family,” spent four years in Montana while attending the University of Montana. That’s where we learned of his passion for theatre. Montana is also where O’Connor met his wife. It’s safe to say that Missoula has a special place in Carroll O’ Connor’s heart.

Dana Carvey

Comedian and Saturday Night Live alumnus Dana Carvey, was born in Missoula.

David Letterman

Late-night show host and comedian, David Letterman owns a ranch near Choteau and spends much of his time there

Dennis Quaid

Well-known actor, Dennis Quaid, famous for movies such as Jaws 3, The Parent Trap, The Alamo and many more motion Pictures previously owned a beautiful ranch in Montana where he spent a fair amount of time. He sold his ranch in 2001 for approximately $14 million.

Evel Knievel

Remember the famous daredevil who had the cool name? Turns out he was born and raised in Butte, Montana and so was his son.

Frank Borman

Gemini 7 astronaut who led the first team of astronauts around the moon and Apollo 8 Commander, Frank Borman resides in Big Horn County. If you happen to run into the now 89-year-old, you’ll regret it if you don’t spark up a conversation with him.

Huey Lewis

The famous musician lives in Stevensville, Montana!

J.K Simmons

Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula, where his father taught. If you graduated from U of M in 2016, then you saw him give the commencement address at graduation.

Jeannette Rankin

The first woman to be elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin was born near Missoula.

Josh Ament

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was born in Havre and raised in Big Sandy, and attended the University of Montana before transferring out of state. Pearl Jam is playing in Missoula on August 13 on the campus of U of M.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The famous “Modern Family” actor was born and bred in our very own Missoula.

John Mayer

Singe, song-writer and blues guitarist, John Mayer lives in Paradise Valley. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll play a song for you.

Michael Keaton

Academy Award-nominated actor Michael Keaton lives almost year-round on his ranch near Big Timber.

Michelle Williams

Actress in the new and fabulous, “The Greatest Showman” was born in Kalispell. Now she’s a huge star in Hollywod.

Phil Jackson

NBA coach Phil Jackson was born in Deer Lodge.

Montana must be a great place to own real estate if so many celebrities do. We think it’s pretty great. Now you know where to hang out if you want to bump into one of the celebrities mentioned above.

Christopher Lloyd

Actor Christopher Lloyd owned a ranch in the Bitterroot Valley for a number of years, on which he spent much of his time.

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell has a 3,000-acre working ranch outside Missoula. Her father had a degree in forestry and she said in an interview with USA today said I grew up in the woods. I grew up appreciating trees. I grow trees. So, that’s something that’s a really natural fit for me and I don’t think that’s ever going to go away.”

Scott Michael Campbell

Scott Michael Campbell born in Missoula Montana is an American actor, writer, producer and director. Campbell is best-known from his roles in Brokeback Mountain, Push, and the remake of Flight of the Pheonix.

Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy was born in Helena, Montana on October 5, 1974. He is the lead singer and songwriter for the Portland, Oregon folk-rock band The Decemberists. In addition to singing, he plays acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bouzouki, and percussion.

Hank Green

William Henry “Hank” Green II (born May 5, 1980) is an American video blogger, internet producer, musician, author, entrepreneur, and CEO. He is known for producing the YouTube channel Vlogbrothers, where he and his older brother, John Green, regularly upload videos, as well as for creating and hosting the educational YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow. Hank is a resident of Missoula with his wife Katherine Green.

Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna owns a 760-square-foot log cabin outside Big fork Montana. He is an American zookeeper and a director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. He was director of the zoo from 1978 to 1992, and is viewed as largely responsible for elevating its quality and reputation.

Jeff bridges

Jeff bridges comes from a prominent acting family and appeared on the television series Sea Hunt, with his father, Lloyd Bridges and brother, Beau Bridges. The actor owns a cabin in Livingston Montana lives there part-time. The ranch was used in the filming of the movie “Heaven’s Gate”.

Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy was an American film, television and stage actress born in Helena, Montana. Trained as a dancer, Loy devoted herself fully to an acting career following a few minor roles in silent films. She was originally typecast in exotic roles, often as a vamp or a woman of Asian descent, but her career prospects improved greatly following her portrayal of Nora Charles in The Thin Man (1934).